It’s been another exciting week for Climb the Green Ladder!

Climb the Green Ladder in Waterstones

In good company in Waterstones' window

First, we were thrilled when our publisher, Wiley, told us that, despite being published for just two weeks, initial sales have been so good that they have ordered a second print run!

I was also excited to spot Climb the Green Ladder taking pride of place alongside SuperFreakonomics and Too Big to Fail in a central London Waterstones’ window display. We want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have bought the book, and please, keep your feedback coming in!

One company nearly cleaned out Wiley’s warehouse when they ordered a copy of the book for every single member of staff for Christmas. Other organisations have told us they are giving the book as a corporate gift, or that they’re interested in giving it out during green campaigns in the New Year. Do get in touch if these are ideas you’d be interested in too.

Amy Fetzer LSE 3 December 09

Amy Fetzer

We’ve also had hundreds of individuals sales from everyone from students and consultants to MDs, and the book has had orders from as far afield as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong! The feedback coming in is that people are really enjoying the book and finding it helpful and inspirational – click on the links to read (or add!) reviews on Amazon or our website and keep telling us your thoughts.

We’ve also launched a new events section of our website so you can keep track of when we’re speaking near you.

Plus, we’ve updated our services page to explain a little bit more about us and what we do – when we’re not writing books that is!

Victoria Hands LSE 3 December 2009

Victoria Hands

The week has also ended on a high with the second Climb the Green Ladder LSE lecture.

After I introduced the Climb the Green Ladder and the six principles of successful sustainability initiatives, Dr Victoria Hands took to the stage.

Victoria, the Sustainability and Environment Manager from LSE, was one of the first people I interviewed during the research for Climb the Green Ladder. Her achievements in helping to get London universities recycling are a real example of how one person can make a difference and it was clear she left the audience inspired.

Dr Martin Blake, Royal Mail

Dr Martin Blake, Royal Mail

Martin Blake is another incredible individual who shared his experiences with us during the research for Climb the Green Ladder. His achievements at helping Royal Mail become more sustainable – for example by showing them that making their buildings energy efficient could save £20 million a year – are hugely impressive. The audience appeared fascinated by his accounts of presenting the business case for sustainability and facilitating real change at Royal Mail.

It was really great to take questions, and then to meet and chat with members audience afterwards. Again, the main feedback from the event was that people really appreciated and were inspired by an approach which gave them tangible tips and examples of how they could put sustainability into practice in their working environment.

I’ll be putting some video footage of the lecture up soon – so watch this space!

Thanks again to those of you who attended, and keep your thoughts, feedback and successes coming in. We love hearing from you.

With best wishes,

LSE Climb the Green Ladder launch

LSE Climb the Green Ladder launch

What a night! I’m thrilled to report that the London Climb the Green Ladder LSE lecture and launch was a resounding success!

‘Inspirational,’ and ‘empowering’ were the buzz words on the night, and the word on Twitter was that it was ‘the most inspiring public lecture ever on sustainability,’ (RT flame_me_ up).

Listen to the podcast here!

Don’t miss the next lecture on Dec 3 – read more!

Packed crowd - LSE Lecture 23 November

The crowd

Thanks so much to those of you who attended – it was wonderful to see, and in some cases, meet you!

After an introduction by the chair, Dr Richard Perkins, I kicked off the lecture by telling the story of Climb The Green Ladder and introduced a few of the book’s key findings.

Jo Confino LSE Climb the Green Ladder Lecture

Jo Confino, The Guardian

Ed Gillespie, co-founder of Futerra, then had the crowd chucking with his fast-paced and insightful presentation on the right ways, and the wrong ways, to get your sustainability message across.

Next, Jo Confino, Executive Editor and Head of Sustainable Development at the Guardian, kept the audience rapt with his inspiring personal account of bringing sustainability to life at The Guardian.

Richard, Amy, Ed and Jo on LSE panel 23 November

Jo, Ed, Amy and Richard on LSE panel

This was followed by a Q&A.

Over 180 people attended, and the queue was so long to buy books afterwards that people were overheard saying they’d buy their copy online or at a bookshop later!

Listen to the podcast here!

Other comments on the night included:


Climb the Green Ladder Amy Fetzer Book Signing

Amy Fetzer Book Signing


‘Unlike other talks on sustainability – you really came away feeling like you could make a difference!’

‘Amazing, inspirational speakers!’

‘I’m definitely buying the book!’

‘The launch and lecture were a triumph’

Climb The Green Ladder

LSE 3To celebrate the launch of Climb the Green Ladder, we are running a series of lectures with the London School of Economics as part of their high-profile, well-respected, free evening lecture schedule.

The Climb the Green Ladder lecture series will feature business and sustainability leaders discussing the value of sustainability in the workplace.

Lecture 1: Climb the Green Ladder: how sustainability can make you and your company more successful

Date: Monday 23 November 2009
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE
Speakers: Jo Confino, Executive Editor and Head of Sustainable Development, The Guardian & Ed Gillespie, Co-Founder, Futerra

What strategies can individuals within organisations use to make their organisation more successful and sustainable?

Ed Gillespie and Jo Confino’s experiences are featured in Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable by Amy Fetzer and Shari Aaron (Wiley). To celebrate the launch of Climb The Green Ladder on 13 November, Ed and Jo will discuss the strategies that individuals within organisations can use to make their organisation more successful and sustainable. They will also highlight how taking the lead and helping your organisation can future-proof your career by marking you out as a dynamic, creative achiever.

More info:

Lecture 2: Climb the Green Ladder: How to achieve astonishing results

Date: Thursday 3 December 2009
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, London School of Economics, 99 Aldwych, WC2B 4JF
Speakers: Dr Martin Blake, Head of Sustainability, Royal Mail & Dr Victoria Hands, Sustainability and Environment Manager, LSE

What strategies can individuals use to make their organisation more sustainable?

Victoria Hands and Martin Blake’s experiences are featured in Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable by Amy Fetzer and Shari Aaron (Wiley), launched on 13 November 2009. Victoria and Martin will discuss the strategies that individuals within organisations can use to make their organisation more successful and sustainable. They will also highlight how taking the lead and helping your organisation can future-proof your career by marking you out as a dynamic, creative achiever.

More info:

The lectures are free and open to all. It would be lovely to see you there!

Tour of Ogilvy & Mather's new green headquarters

Tour of Ogilvy & Mather's new green headquarters

After interviewing Freya Williams from OgilvyEarth for Climb The Green Ladder, we were thrilled to catch up with Freya in person, and to visit the company’s new LEED certified building in New York*.

Freya, a Senior Partner, Planning Director, had already inspired us by helping Ogilvy & Mather launch a green consulting arm and to reduce its business impacts, from introducing double-sided printing to dishing out reusable water bottles.

Now Freya is launching Hopenhagen ( a high profile campaign which aims to raise awareness of the crucial climate change summit happening in Copenhagen this December (

Freya and her partner, Seth Farbman, have been working with the creative team to raise awareness for event. The Summit in Copenhagen is the culmination of many months of work to get world agreement to mitigate the devastating impacts of carbon emissions.

The opportunity to focus the attention of political and business leaders, as well as motivate more individuals to put pressure on these groups to ratify a world treaty, is of tremendous importance. The scientific community urges us to drastically reduce our carbon emissions in order to lessen the severity of the impacts of climate change.

Hopenhagen aims to be an ‘open source’ campaign using a central website,, to drive the debate and awareness and allow users to send messages to the 192 UN delegates attending the meeting.

To get inspired, visit:

(*Application for LEED certification is pending but they expect to receive gold level certification.)

Amy and Shari premiered the highlights of Climb The Green Ladder and the six key approaches that underpin effective sustainability initiatives, featured in our book.

Our first webinar was conducted in July on, an online learning community. It was great fun, and we had fantastic feedback.

This included an invitation to give the presentation live at a ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminar for a major chemical company in September.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming Climb The Green Ladder web-based seminars.

To find our more about our training programs and ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, please send us an email and we will be delighted to send you more information.
Lunch and Learn with Climb The Green Ladder

Climb The Green Ladder’s Shari Aaron will be speaking at Green Works Workshop and Festival on September 11th at Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT.

Program Title:  Green Business Sense:  Why and How to Green Up your Work Life

For more information, visit:

Please send me an email if you are able to attend as it would be great to meet you!

Winning Book Cover for Climb The Green Ladder

Winning Book Cover for Climb The Green Ladder

Great news!

Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable is now available to pre-order on as well as!

Just click on the link to pre-order your copy!

Join us for a free web based seminar on Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company And Career More Sustainable!

July 30th at 1:00 pm eastern standard time (EST) and 6:00 pm British summer time (BST)

To register:

Come hear about our year long extensive research.  Our goal is to ensure you have the information and resources you need to help you workplace become more sustainable.

We will share the underlying principles of sustainability.  Come hear the inside stories from those who have successfully moved their workplaces to become more sustainable, from London School of Economics, Campbell Soup Company, City of Redmond, The Guardian, IKEA, Boots, Office Depot and more.

We will be taking your questions and sharing information on how you can lead your workplace.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Amy and Shari

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

 You cast your votes, we listened, and a cover has been chosen! To find out which one won, click on this link: 

and the winner is…

Thanks so much to all of you who took part in our poll!

We’re sorry to have kept you waiting. We’ve had our heads down finishing the book.


Amy submitting Climb the Green Ladder at Wiley's head office

Amy submitting Climb the Green Ladder at Wiley's head office

But, we’re thrilled to announce that the final manuscript of Climb The Green Ladder has been submitted to our publishers, Wiley!

 Now we’ve had a chance to come up for air, we’ll be back soon to give you updates from our work and our research, so watch this space!

Thanks for all your support!

Amy & Shari

Cast your vote in the polling box below and help us choose the Climb the Green Ladder book cover! We can’t decide between the white or green sky!

Two covers

As more and more employees try to take action on sustainability in their workplaces, our research has revealed the important role that values play. A key component in a company or organisation’s success in addressing climate change lies in their ability to connect to an employee’s sense of personal responsibility or values around the issue of sustainability.

This is demonstrated by our survey findings. In the Climb the Green Ladder Sustainability in the Workplace survey, a majority (66%) of the 425 respondents choose ‘I try to be as sustainable as possible – at home and at work’. And, in a recent study by Tandberg/Ipos MORI of over 16,000 employees around the world almost 1 out of 2 employees (45%) say they, ‘have taken personal steps to reduce climate change’. The Tandberg study also shows that one quarter of employees (24%) believe, ‘that their individual actions are a key to driving environmental change’.

As we review the hundreds of responses from our survey, one thing is clear: it is vital for companies or organizations to tap into an employee’s sense of personal concern and responsibility regarding sustainability. If you are working to get your boss or co-workers interested in your initiatives, you will ensure greater success by connecting your ideas to both the business case and to your co-workers’ personal values around sustainability.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep on sending them in!

Amy & Shari

Want to hear the latest findings from Climb The Green Ladder from the horses mouth?

Amy will be speaking on the Sustainable Business Initiatives Panel at UK Aware (, Olympia 2, London at 4.15pm on the 17 April 2009.

For your free Climb The Green Ladder ticket, visit the UK Aware website and enter this promotional code: UA09spe.

Do come and say hi if you can make it!

See you then,

Breaking news just in!

Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable is available to pre-order on Amazon now!

Be one of the first to get your hands on a copy when the book comes out on 1 November 09 and pre-order your copy now!

As I pour through the hundreds of responses that are coming into our Climb The Green Ladder Survey, I am struck how powerful and important praise can be to help employees move the sustainability agenda forward at their firms.

In conversations with Dave Stangis from Campbell’s, Yalmaz Siddiqui from Office Depot, Tony Gale from Ecology and Environment and many others, the message is coming through loud and clear that praise is a powerful tool.

Praising employees – and using little rewards like gift cards or recognition at company meetings – helps to inspire more employees to engage in efforts to rideshare, turn-off computers at night, or to ensure factories significantly reduce their waste output.

Pointing out and recognizing the efforts of those who have taken part in sustainability initiatives motivates them to continue their efforts. Meanwhile, the public recognition inspires others who have not previously engaged to take part.

Thanks for listening. If you add a comment or send us an email sharing your top praising tips, we will make sure we sing YOUR praises at our next meeting.


We are excited to share the latest news from Climb The Green Ladder!

To date, hundreds have taken our Sustainability in the Workplace Survey providing excellent examples of how employees who care about sustainability are able to impact their workplaces.

All across the globe, from the UK and US to China, Spain and Mexico, employees are sounding off about what activities and programs have been the most effective for them. 
The great news is that initial results indicate the downturn is actually increasing many companies and organisation’s commitment to sustainability

The survey is not closed yet, but so far, 80% of the 250 respondents have said that their employer is committed to sustainability while 11% have said the economic downturn has increased their company or organisation’s efforts. A further 41% said the downturn hadn’t affected their employers sustainability strategies, choosing the ‘no change seen’ option. Just 4.9% said it has decreased efforts.  

Participants are drawn from across the globe from the UK and US to China, Spain and France, and employers ranged from small publishing houses and sustainability consultancies to PWC, Abbey National and the UK’s Department of Treasury.

So it’s heartening to see that sustainability is going some way to becoming part of the status quo whatever the industry or organisation size.

Our findings support research published in the State of Green Business 2009. Their survey of 100 companies revealed that nearly 47% were increasing their investments in green product development in 2009.

It’s common sense after all. Businesses need a healthy society and a stable environment in order to thrive. Many major businesses from Wal-Mart and the Guardian to Unilever, HP and Marks and Spencer have realised that embracing sustainability and taking a leadership role makes excellent business sense.

Thinking sustainably means focussing on reducing waste, increasing efficiencies and considering the human and ecological outcomes of corporate behaviour. True sustainability thinking is embedded in every part of business and means the long term viability of all business behaviours are considered rather than just being a beneficial ‘add on’ dealt with by the corporate social responsibility or sustainability department.

Taking sustainability thinking to the heart of business is seriously beneficial for the bottom line as resources are used more efficiently. It also increases positive environmental, social and economic impacts while reducing risks and strengthening brand reputation and competitive advantage.

It’s easy to talk about corporations and organisations as though they were faceless entities that we as individuals have little power to affect. But companies and organisations are just made up of people and people have power. Individuals have power – we all have power.

Our research has also shown this power in action, demonstrating how many of us are working to transform our organisations from within.

In addition to the survey, we are busy conducting interviews with sustainability advocates, thought leaders and employees at every level of companies – big and small.

Interviews have been conducted with Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of Resolve, Jennifer Woofter of Strategic Sustainability Consultants, Martin Smith of JustMeans, Victoria Hands of LSE, Shelley Rowley of Speechly Bircham LLP, Neil Turner of RES, Wood Turner of Climate Counts, Frank Dixon of Global Systems Change and Europe Systems Change. Plus there are lots more lined up and we’ll be posting updates on who’s said what soon!

Over 300 people have already taken the Climb the Green Ladder survey making sure their voices are heard.

Add your voice to theirs so we can share knowledge to reveal what works and what doesn’t so together we can find ways to ride out the downturn while building a more successful, more sustainable future.

Take the survey!

Bye for now!

Amy and Shari

Take part in the 2009 Climb the Green Ladder: Sustainability in the Workplace Survey and receive a sneak preview of study results to help you and your company get ahead!

Our survey will only take a few minutes and findings will be immortalised in Climb the Green Ladder: Making Your Company and Career More Sustainable (Wiley, Oct 2009).

Climate change and the global financial crisis have shown companies and organisations MUST think sustainably in order to survive.

We want to hear from people at every level of every business from sales staff and CEOs to government officials and teachers.

YOU can help us reveal what works and what doesn’t, so we can share knowledge and work towards a more sustainable, more successful future.

Your voice matters as together we are finding new solutions!

Take the Survey!

Thank you for your time,

Shari Aaron & Amy Fetzer
Co-Authors & Co-Founders, Climb The Green Ladder