Amy Fetzer at podium LSE Lecture

Amy Fetzer at LSE

Amy is available as a speaker and trainer. Amy’s engagements include:

• The London School of Economics prestigious evening lecture series
• Speaking alongside Jonathon Porritt at the launch of Gloucestershire 10:10
• Lecturing to MSc students at the University of Surrey and the University of Edinburgh
• Conferences and exhibitions including The Broadcast Video Expo at Earls Court and the launch of These Young Minds at the University of Leicester
• In-company workshops for Commercial Group and Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

For a list of Amy’s speaking engagements, please visit

Audio/visual clips
London School of Economics evening lecture podcast

BusinessGreen Video: Top tips on how to find a green job

Speaking endorsements:
‘Amy’s work is inspirational. We had the privilege of her presenting one of our Green Ambassador seminars and she is as great a speaker as she is an author. The audience went away with a new vision and energised to do more to Climb the Green Ladder.’
Simon Graham, Environmental Strategist, Commercial Group

‘Amy Fetzer, is an inspiring, remarkable and unparalleled speaker. Having a personality like Amy speak at an event is what any audience needs to be fulfilled.’
Alim Abuakre, Founder, These Young Minds

‘I worked with Amy at the launch of her book, Climb the Green Ladder, and had the great pleasure of hearing her speak at the LSE recently. She has gravitas, is well informed, inspirational and dynamic. Her passion for the field of sustainable business development is palpable and she is therefore a highly effective evangelist for the subject.’
Dr Martin Blake, Head of Sustainability, Royal Mail

‘Amy has an engaging and warm approach towards her audience as she knowledgeably talks about her research on business sustainability issues, showing companies how sustainability makes good business sense.’
Janet West, Company MD, ecoSkills Zone

‘Amy Fetzer has a lively speaking style which allows her to enthusiastically engage with an audience. She is able to communicate well with people of a wide range of backgrounds and academic abilities.’
Dr Jonathan Chenoweth, Director of Centre for Environmental Strategy MSc Programmes, University of Surrey

Amy’s speciality is sustainability in the workplace. This encompasses topics such as:

• How to use sustainability to get ahead in your career
• Why sustainability is good for business, your customers and your career
• How to get a green job
• How to Climb the Green Ladder and make your company and career more sustainable and successful
• How to get a sustainability mindset
• Making the business case for sustainability
• Getting your colleagues on your side/Facilitating engagement
• Making your sustainability initiatives fly
• Working together – how to get the help you need to make change happen/The secrets to successful collaboration
• Making sustainability a part of your company culture
• Strengthening your business with sustainability
• How to fall in love with your work
• Ways to win with sustainability
• Greenwash – what it is and how to avoid it
• Building better customer relationships with sustainability
• Understanding sustainability – what it is and why it matters
• Future-proof your business – why the strongest businesses are embracing sustainability
• Future-proof your career – using sustainability to get to the top
• Making a difference at work

To contact Amy about a speaking event or workshop, click here or call 0044 7747 114 452.


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