Climb the Green Ladder does exactly what it says on the cover. It provides the tools and the inspiration to get you and your company to the top.”
Bonnie Nixon, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Hewlett Packard

“If you want to do good business while being a good business, read Climb the Green Ladder. It’s a walking the talk type of book, with signposts and directions, to help you make change happen.”
Charlie Browne, UK Corporate Environment Manager, IKEA

“The business leader of the 21st century needs to be fluent in green. Climb the Green Ladder delivers tangible insights, useful to everyone from entry-level to the boardroom, on how to navigate this rapidly maturing business discipline.”
Dave Stangis, Vice President, CSR & Sustainability, Campbell Soup Company

“If you want to do more than simply make a living, Climb the Green Ladder will help you forge a path to a satisfying and worthwhile career. This intelligent, action-oriented guide gives you the tools to make good, green choices – every business day.”
Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author of Strategies for the Green Economy

“The question is no longer why we need to be sustainable or green – but how do we change business behaviour. With this book, you will no longer need to ask.”
Tensie Whelan, President, Rainforest Alliance

“Brilliant! Climb the Green Ladder can help you move from idea to action. This practical ‘how to’ guide and the real world case studies it contains will send you along a path of real change and success – for your company and yourself.”
Seth Farbman, Senior Partner, Worldwide Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather

“Packed with personal accounts on what it takes to provide leadership for sustainability, and the sorts of results you can expect to see for your career, your company and the planet.”
Dr Victoria Hands, Environmental and Sustainability Manager, London School of Economics & Political Science

“Key to climbing any green ladder is effective communication: Fetzer and Aaron do an excellent job in describing the myriad approaches to greening a company, and provide meaningful insights in an easy to read, informative style.

“The book provides golden nuggets of information about all aspects of greening your company. Read them and think about how they can be applied to your company!”
Paul Toyne, Head of Sustainability, Bovis Lend Lease UK

“No-one wants to check their principles at the office door; this book explains how to take them in with you and how to put them to good commercial use.”
Anthony Kleanthous, Senior Policy Adviser, Sustainable Business and Economics, WWF-UK

“This is a remarkable book written in a language that is accessible and direct. It is a must read for every office manager, corporate responsibility leader, and even CEOs of companies. They will find plenty of inspiring examples and well-developed tools to move their businesses along a smart and ethical pathway.”
Yacob Mulugetta, Deputy Director, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey

“This is book needed to be written. Most books written on environmental topics focus on what we need to do or why. Climb The Green Ladder focuses on who and how. It has the power to inspire any individual to integrate more environmental thinking and action into their role – whatever their function or level; and it helps those in charge of environmental strategy to better understand the nuances and best practices for driving internal change.

“It recognizes that the ‘old way’ to drive environmental change – being preachy, using guilt and pressure is not sustainable; and puts forth a “new green” approach to help people deliver environmental improvements in their organizations using the power of human psychology and business logic.”
Yalmaz Siddiqui, Director, Environmental Strategy, Office Depot

“There is no doubt that climate change is the greatest challenge mankind has faced. We can adapt to that change, but it is as people where the key lies. Yes, we can develop new technologies, rules and regulations, but wastage is all around us and in our daily lives we take energy for granted, like the air we breathe. Until now that is. This book is an inspiring cornucopia of what people and organisations have done to meet these new challenges and develop new approaches, collectively to achieve significant energy savings and sustainable practices.

“We need top talent to inspire us and there are certainly many career opportunities today and even more tomorrow. We can and must stay ahead in the move to the low carbon world. This well-considered publication will help to steer us in the right direction whilst still maintaining twenty-first century businesses and lifestyles.”
Martin Fry, Professor, City University, London

“Climb the Green Ladder provides a refreshing outlook at how being green in today’s business world is not only good for the environment, it’s good for business.”
Melissa Perlman, Manager of Public Relations, Office Depot

“It’s one thing debating environmental sustainability. Yet far more challenging is actually putting sustainability into practice. In this inspirational book, Fetzer and Aaron lay out a set of clear actionable principles around which individuals can plan, implement and evaluate the “greening” of their career or workplace. For those who feel daunted by the practical challenges, or who are looking for new or more effective ways to kick-start, propel and guide sustainability in their organization, Climb the Green Ladder is a must-read. It’s the best book of its type that I have read.”
Dr Richard Perkins, Lecturer in Environmental Geography, London School of Economics


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