We are excited to share the latest news from Climb The Green Ladder!

To date, hundreds have taken our Sustainability in the Workplace Survey providing excellent examples of how employees who care about sustainability are able to impact their workplaces.

All across the globe, from the UK and US to China, Spain and Mexico, employees are sounding off about what activities and programs have been the most effective for them. 
The great news is that initial results indicate the downturn is actually increasing many companies and organisation’s commitment to sustainability

The survey is not closed yet, but so far, 80% of the 250 respondents have said that their employer is committed to sustainability while 11% have said the economic downturn has increased their company or organisation’s efforts. A further 41% said the downturn hadn’t affected their employers sustainability strategies, choosing the ‘no change seen’ option. Just 4.9% said it has decreased efforts.  

Participants are drawn from across the globe from the UK and US to China, Spain and France, and employers ranged from small publishing houses and sustainability consultancies to PWC, Abbey National and the UK’s Department of Treasury.

So it’s heartening to see that sustainability is going some way to becoming part of the status quo whatever the industry or organisation size.

Our findings support research published in the State of Green Business 2009. Their survey of 100 companies revealed that nearly 47% were increasing their investments in green product development in 2009.

It’s common sense after all. Businesses need a healthy society and a stable environment in order to thrive. Many major businesses from Wal-Mart and the Guardian to Unilever, HP and Marks and Spencer have realised that embracing sustainability and taking a leadership role makes excellent business sense.

Thinking sustainably means focussing on reducing waste, increasing efficiencies and considering the human and ecological outcomes of corporate behaviour. True sustainability thinking is embedded in every part of business and means the long term viability of all business behaviours are considered rather than just being a beneficial ‘add on’ dealt with by the corporate social responsibility or sustainability department.

Taking sustainability thinking to the heart of business is seriously beneficial for the bottom line as resources are used more efficiently. It also increases positive environmental, social and economic impacts while reducing risks and strengthening brand reputation and competitive advantage.

It’s easy to talk about corporations and organisations as though they were faceless entities that we as individuals have little power to affect. But companies and organisations are just made up of people and people have power. Individuals have power – we all have power.

Our research has also shown this power in action, demonstrating how many of us are working to transform our organisations from within.

In addition to the survey, we are busy conducting interviews with sustainability advocates, thought leaders and employees at every level of companies – big and small.

Interviews have been conducted with Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of Resolve, Jennifer Woofter of Strategic Sustainability Consultants, Martin Smith of JustMeans, Victoria Hands of LSE, Shelley Rowley of Speechly Bircham LLP, Neil Turner of RES, Wood Turner of Climate Counts, Frank Dixon of Global Systems Change and Europe Systems Change. Plus there are lots more lined up and we’ll be posting updates on who’s said what soon!

Over 300 people have already taken the Climb the Green Ladder survey making sure their voices are heard.

Add your voice to theirs so we can share knowledge to reveal what works and what doesn’t so together we can find ways to ride out the downturn while building a more successful, more sustainable future.

Take the survey!

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Amy and Shari