Climb the Green Ladder consists of two independent consultancies based in the UK and the US. The UK office is headed by Amy Fetzer, and the US office is headed by Shari Aaron.

The consultancies work on projects independently or jointly, depending on the requirements of the project. Our clients include Hewlett Packard, Sodexo, Department of Energy and Climate Change (in partnership with Forster), Johnson & Johnson and Ogilvy &  Mather.

Our work ensures that more companies and organisations can embrace sustainability on a business-wide scale.

Our goals are to ensure your efforts are properly evaluated, integrated and communicated. We provide tailored programs to create awareness among internal and external stakeholders.

Services offered include:

We  believe that every individual – whatever their level or industry – can play a role in helping to foster a more sustainable approach so the company or organisation’s efforts can be seen as authentic and valuable.  We can provide practical tools and advice to help them make their organisation more sustainable and more successful.

Our book and services provide the tools and motivation your organisation needs to embed sustainability into company thinking and make it happen.

Email us to find out how we can help you.


5 Responses to “Our services”

  1. Simon Graham Says:

    Amy’s work is inspirational. We had the privilege of her presenting one of our Green Ambassador seminars and she is as great a speaker as she is an author. The audience went away with a new vision and energised to do more to Climb the Green Ladder.

    Simon Graham, Environmental Strategist, Commercial Group

  2. Alim Abukare Says:

    Amy Fetzer, is an inspiring, remarkable and unparalleled speaker. Having a personality like Amy speak at an event is what any audience needs to be fulfilled.

    Alim A. Abuakre, These Young Minds

  3. Tom Says:

    Amy, thanks for a brilliant workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed it and came away inspired!

  4. Tracy Says:

    Shari, you have hit your stride with this book — what an accomplishment. Great green energy.

    All the best to you….

  5. Lisa McAdam Donegan Says:

    This looks great! You inspire me. I am feeling the positive energy in 2009!

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