Tour of Ogilvy & Mather's new green headquarters

Tour of Ogilvy & Mather's new green headquarters

After interviewing Freya Williams from OgilvyEarth for Climb The Green Ladder, we were thrilled to catch up with Freya in person, and to visit the company’s new LEED certified building in New York*.

Freya, a Senior Partner, Planning Director, had already inspired us by helping Ogilvy & Mather launch a green consulting arm and to reduce its business impacts, from introducing double-sided printing to dishing out reusable water bottles.

Now Freya is launching Hopenhagen ( a high profile campaign which aims to raise awareness of the crucial climate change summit happening in Copenhagen this December (

Freya and her partner, Seth Farbman, have been working with the creative team to raise awareness for event. The Summit in Copenhagen is the culmination of many months of work to get world agreement to mitigate the devastating impacts of carbon emissions.

The opportunity to focus the attention of political and business leaders, as well as motivate more individuals to put pressure on these groups to ratify a world treaty, is of tremendous importance. The scientific community urges us to drastically reduce our carbon emissions in order to lessen the severity of the impacts of climate change.

Hopenhagen aims to be an ‘open source’ campaign using a central website,, to drive the debate and awareness and allow users to send messages to the 192 UN delegates attending the meeting.

To get inspired, visit:

(*Application for LEED certification is pending but they expect to receive gold level certification.)