It’s been another exciting week for Climb the Green Ladder!

Climb the Green Ladder in Waterstones

In good company in Waterstones' window

First, we were thrilled when our publisher, Wiley, told us that, despite being published for just two weeks, initial sales have been so good that they have ordered a second print run!

I was also excited to spot Climb the Green Ladder taking pride of place alongside SuperFreakonomics and Too Big to Fail in a central London Waterstones’ window display. We want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have bought the book, and please, keep your feedback coming in!

One company nearly cleaned out Wiley’s warehouse when they ordered a copy of the book for every single member of staff for Christmas. Other organisations have told us they are giving the book as a corporate gift, or that they’re interested in giving it out during green campaigns in the New Year. Do get in touch if these are ideas you’d be interested in too.

Amy Fetzer LSE 3 December 09

Amy Fetzer

We’ve also had hundreds of individuals sales from everyone from students and consultants to MDs, and the book has had orders from as far afield as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong! The feedback coming in is that people are really enjoying the book and finding it helpful and inspirational – click on the links to read (or add!) reviews on Amazon or our website and keep telling us your thoughts.

We’ve also launched a new events section of our website so you can keep track of when we’re speaking near you.

Plus, we’ve updated our services page to explain a little bit more about us and what we do – when we’re not writing books that is!

Victoria Hands LSE 3 December 2009

Victoria Hands

The week has also ended on a high with the second Climb the Green Ladder LSE lecture.

After I introduced the Climb the Green Ladder and the six principles of successful sustainability initiatives, Dr Victoria Hands took to the stage.

Victoria, the Sustainability and Environment Manager from LSE, was one of the first people I interviewed during the research for Climb the Green Ladder. Her achievements in helping to get London universities recycling are a real example of how one person can make a difference and it was clear she left the audience inspired.

Dr Martin Blake, Royal Mail

Dr Martin Blake, Royal Mail

Martin Blake is another incredible individual who shared his experiences with us during the research for Climb the Green Ladder. His achievements at helping Royal Mail become more sustainable – for example by showing them that making their buildings energy efficient could save £20 million a year – are hugely impressive. The audience appeared fascinated by his accounts of presenting the business case for sustainability and facilitating real change at Royal Mail.

It was really great to take questions, and then to meet and chat with members audience afterwards. Again, the main feedback from the event was that people really appreciated and were inspired by an approach which gave them tangible tips and examples of how they could put sustainability into practice in their working environment.

I’ll be putting some video footage of the lecture up soon – so watch this space!

Thanks again to those of you who attended, and keep your thoughts, feedback and successes coming in. We love hearing from you.

With best wishes,