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SHE Show 7 June 2011

Visit the SHE Show to hear Amy outline the key tools you can use to set your organisation on to a more successful and sustainable path while getting ahead in your career too. Find out more here.

Good Planet Radio logoWant some top tips on how to green your company and get ahead in your career, and hear the story behind Climb the Green Ladder?

Then check out this interview with Shari and I on Good Planet Radio, which was broadcast on Thurs 15 April.

Listen now: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/planetgood/2010/04/15/climbing-the-green-ladder

Podcast summary: After conducting research with over 80 sustainability specialists Amy Fetzer and Shari Aaron have gathered the common 6 principles that all successful sustainability strategies use. These strategies are available in great detail in their new book: “Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable”. Tune to hear about a preview of the strategies as well as Amy and Shari’s experiences and advice on how to make your company more sustainable.

NYC launch event, 21 January

I am delighted to report that the NYC launch event, 21 of January, was very exciting and a tremendous success!

This event focused on how sustainability provides a leadership advantage for women. The conversation was led by senior level women who have made tremendous strides in spearheading effective sustainability programs. Speakers included (as pictured left to right), Eleni Reed, Director, Sustainability Strategies, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., and me, Shari Aaron, Co-Author Climb the Green Ladder, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Executive Director of NY Women Social Entrepreneurs, Tensie Whelan, President, Rainforest Alliance and Maria Figueroa Kupcu, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practice, Brunswick Group.

According to Holly Perlowitz, a senior banking professional based in the New York area, “Gathering with Shari Aaron and other women focused on sustainability was inspiring and reminded me that grassroots efforts matter and committing oneself to carrying the message can start in our homes and our places of business – but it just has to start!”

A special thanks to Double Knot for hosting such a lively event!

Amy also enjoyed speaking at the These Young Minds conference on the 26th of January and got some great feedback from the organizers. Alim Abubakre, Founder, These Young Minds, offered these complimentary words: “Amy Fetzer, is an inspiring, remarkable and unparalleled speaker. Having a personality like Amy speak at an event is what any audience needs to be fulfilled.”

Amy also was welcomed into Commerical’s offices in the UK last week to do a workshop on sustainability. Simon Graham compliments included: “Amy’s work is inspirational. We had the privilege of her presenting one of our Green Ambassador seminars and she is as great a speaker as she is an author. The audience went away with a new vision and energised to do more to Climb the Green Ladder.”

We have such a great week talking about the book and getting people’s feedback. Many thanks to those who participated in our events and we look forward to seeing more of you at other events soon!


I’m super excited that Shari’s US launch for Climb the Green Ladder is happening in New York tonight. I’m so sad I won’t be able to be there, but flying over from London for the launch didn’t seem very sustainable. I can’t wait until there is a sustainable way to cross the ocean between us! (Check out, ‘Can aviation go green?’ for an interesting article on this topic).

Here in the UK, I’ve been busy helping Gloucestershire launch their 10:10 campaign.

10:10This kicked off at the University of Gloucestershire yesterday morning.

Forum for the Future’s Jonathon Porritt, 10:10’s Eugenie Harvey, Gloucestershire Green Guru (and Climb the Green Ladder case study) Sarah Daly and I all gave talks. The crowd included the local mayor and other business leaders, and our talks explained why they should and could take on the challenge to reduce their emissions and impacts by 10% in 2010. To find out more, check out this an article on the event here.

Jonathon Porritt

The feedback from the event so far as been hugely positive so I’m reallylooking forward to getting updates as people start toreduce their impacts.

Next, I spent a really enjoyable afternoon hosting workshops on ways to win with sustainability for local businesses in the area, going first to Ecclesiastical Insurance Group and next on to Commercial.

Sarah Daly

Both companies have made great strides in making their operations more sustainable, but it was lovely to be told that they thought the Climb the Green Ladder toolkit would help them take things to the next level.

That’s all for now folks! And keep getting in touch to let us know how you’re getting on in making your workplace more sustainable!


LSE Sustainability in Practice lecture series continues LSE

We were thrilled with the success of the Climb the Green Ladder lectures at the LSE in November and December. We felt very privileged to be the first two lectures in the LSE’s new Sustainability in Practice series.

This series continues this term, and the LSE Environment Team have organised a fantastic programme with speakers ranging from Jonathon Porritt to Ray Anderson and Andrew Simms.

Below is a list of the lectures.

Amy is going to many of them, so do drop her a line if you’d like to meet up to say hello afterwards.

All lectures are free and open to all, and start at 6.30pm.

14 January: ‘Positive Deviance: the only strategy left for sustainability leadership’ by Sara Parkin, Forum for the Future, at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.
21 January: ‘Time for a New Policy Paradigm: resources, technology and human well-being’ by Professor Sir David King, University of Oxford, at Sheik Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.
28 January: ‘New Economics’ by Andrew Simms, New Economics Forum, at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.
2 February: ‘Delivering a Low Carbon London’ by Isabel Dedring, Environment Advisor to the Mayor of London, at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.
4 February: ‘Climate Crunch: making the economics fit the science’ by Jonathon Porritt, Forum for the Future, at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.
9 February: ‘Sustainable Housing: how can we save 80 percent of our energy use in existing homes?’ by Professor Anne Power, LSE Housing & Communities, at New Theatre, East Building.
18 February: !CANCELLED! ‘The Radical Industrialist’ by Ray Anderson, Interface, at New Theatre, East Building.
25 February: ‘Prosperity without Growth’ by Professor Tim Jackson, University of Surrey, at Sheik Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.
4 March: ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ by Tony Juniper, Cambridge University Programme for Sustainable Leadership, at New Theatre, East Building.
11 March: ‘Sustainable Business Innovation’ by John Elkington, SustainAbility and Volan, at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.
For full lecture information click here: LSE Sustainability in Practice Events, or send an email to event@lse.ac.uk. N.B: The lecture by Ray Anderson on 18 February has been cancelled.