As I pour through the hundreds of responses that are coming into our Climb The Green Ladder Survey, I am struck how powerful and important praise can be to help employees move the sustainability agenda forward at their firms.

In conversations with Dave Stangis from Campbell’s, Yalmaz Siddiqui from Office Depot, Tony Gale from Ecology and Environment and many others, the message is coming through loud and clear that praise is a powerful tool.

Praising employees – and using little rewards like gift cards or recognition at company meetings – helps to inspire more employees to engage in efforts to rideshare, turn-off computers at night, or to ensure factories significantly reduce their waste output.

Pointing out and recognizing the efforts of those who have taken part in sustainability initiatives motivates them to continue their efforts. Meanwhile, the public recognition inspires others who have not previously engaged to take part.

Thanks for listening. If you add a comment or send us an email sharing your top praising tips, we will make sure we sing YOUR praises at our next meeting.